How To Check A Thermal Fuse On An Electric Dryer

If your dryer runs, but it isn't heating, test the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is a small safety device that cuts off the dryer when it reaches a set temperature. Unlike a thermostat, they don't reset themselves, which means they need replacing. Federal law requires thermal fuses on all dryers. Here are some tips to test for a burned thermal fuse on an electric dryer. Locate the Thermal Fuse

Fridge On The Fritz? Here's What To Do While You Wait For The Repair Person

Having problems with your refrigerator in the hot summer months is no joke, as you scramble to find a temporary home for your food to avoid it spoiling. It's generally a good idea to call an appliance repair person as soon as you notice an issue with your fridge, given that it might take several hours or even a day until someone can visit your home. Although you'll be primarily occupied with dealing with your food -- perhaps enlisting the help of a neighbor's fridge or a couple coolers filled with ice -- it's wise to invest a little time in preparing your fridge for the repair person.