4 Reasons Your Microwave Doesn't Turn On

If your microwave doesn't turn on, there is probably a really simple reason why. When it comes to taking care of your microwave, don't throw your microwave out. More than likely, all you need to do is fix a small part in order to get your microwave working again. 

Damaged Ceramic Fuse

Your microwave has a ceramic fuse that is located inside the microwave, near the power cord. In order to access the ceramic fuse, you need to unplug your microwave and remove the back panel. The ceramic fuse controls the power to your microwave, and when the ceramic fuse isn't working right, your microwave will not power on. 

To test and see if the issue is the ceramic fuse, you can use a multimeter to test the fuse and see if it is conducting energy or not. Your microwave may have a few different fuses that you are going to want to check out.  

Damaged Thermal Fuse

Another type of fuse that your microwave has is a thermal fuse. A thermal cutout, or thermal fuse, is designed to keep your microwave from overheating. It helps keep your microwave from getting too hot and dangerous. The thermal fuse is located behind the cabinet. In order to test the thermal fuse, you need to disconnect the thermal fuse from the terminals inside of your microwave. Then you need to use a multimeter to test the thermal fuse for damage.  

Check the Cooling Fan

When you are checking out the thermal fuse, you should also check the cooling fan. The cooling fan helps keep your microwave from overheating, and your microwave may not turn if the fan is not working correctly. 

Inspect the Door Latch

If the door is not latching properly, then your microwave may not start up. Your door latch doesn't just open and close the door; when the door is closed, the latch engages a switch that lets the microwave know that power can be sent to the microwave. If the latch is damaged, which can happen from slamming or pulling the microwave open with force, your microwave may not turn on.  

Have a microwave repair shop fix your microwave so that it turns on. More than likely, an easy fix will get your microwave operating again. No need to trash your microwave when all you need is one little part to get it working like new again for you.