Washing Machine Damaging Your Clothing? What You Can Do About It

If your top-loading washing machine is tearing up your clothing, it may be because of how you're loading your machine, because there is something on the drum of the machine, or because the agitator is damaged. Any of these can cause damage to your clothing. There are a few things you can do that can help prevent this damage from occurring again. Read on for helpful tips that can save your clothing from further damage.

Load Your Machine Properly

If you aren't loading your machine properly, some of your belongings will wrap around the agitator, which can stretch out your clothes or tear them. If your clothing is damaged, it can begin getting expensive to replace your clothing. Loading your machine properly is going to help with this. Don't overload the machine. This will help make it so you won't end up with your clothing getting too bunched up and not being able to spin properly inside the machine. If you have smaller items or delicate items, you should place these items in a small garment bag so they don't get damaged.

Clean The Drum

Clean the inside of the drum if your clothing has been getting stained from your washing machine. You may have had gum, a marker, a pen, candy, or something else in your washing machine that could be causing stains on your clothing. If every time you wash your clothing you end up with stains on them, take a close inspection of your washing machine's drum. Wipe it down with a cleanser to remove the problem. If you need to, you can use a razor blade, but be sure you don't scratch the coating on the drum.

Repair The Agitator

If the agitator is damaged, you may be able to repair the one you have, or you may have to invest in a new agitator. You can look up a replacement agitator online, or you may be able to find one through your local appliance parts shop. Inspect your agitator thoroughly for damage such as sharp edges, and check the agitator to see if it's loose inside your machine. If the agitator is heavily damaged or broken in any way, you can replace the part, but this may take some work on your part. You'll need to take apart some of the machine in order to remove the old agitator. If you aren't up to this task, hire a professional to do this work for you.

If your washing machine is damaging your clothing in any way and you aren't sure what is wrong with your machine or how to repair it, call a professional appliance repairman for help.

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