What To Do When Your Freezer Isn't Cold Enough

When you open up your freezer, you should be greeted with a nice little blast of cold air. The air inside of your freezer should feel colder than the air outside of your refrigerator. When you check your food, it should be frozen solid; it should not be soft or mushy. If your freezer's air doesn't feel cold or the items inside don't really seem to be solidly frozen, there are a few things that you may be able to do to get your freezer cold again.

#1 Check The Thermostat

The first thing that you need to do is check the thermostat for your freezer. Depending on the location of your thermostat inside of your freezer, it may get easily bumped and turned up. If your thermostat is turned up, turn it down, close your freezer, and check it in twenty-four hours to see if the air is cold and if your food is frozen again.

If the thermostat didn't get bumped up and is where you left it, you may need to just turn the thermostat down. If your freezer capacity has changed, the addition or lack of items could affect your freezer's ability to keep everything cold, and adjusting the thermostat will address this issue.

#2 Check The Defrost Cycle

If the defrost cycle is off, your freezer may not be cold enough. To test this, you are going to need to take a screwdriver and use it to turn the timer on your defrost cycle forward. Generally, it will take a very small turn to move the defrost cycle forward. When the defrost cycle gets stuck or isn't properly set, it can lead to your fridge not feeling cold enough. If the defrost cycle turns on and off properly, you may have been able to fix the issue.

#3 Check The Compressor

Next, you want to check the compressor and make sure that it is running. On most refrigerator units, the compressor is located near the bottom of your fridge. You should be able to hear it humming and making sound. If you can't hear it, then it may need to be prepared. If you can hear it turning on and off but your freezer is still not cold, a component on the compressor may need to be fixed.

You can also check the evaporator coils on the back of your unit and make sure that they are cleaned, attached to your fridge, and working properly. Sometime issues with the evaporator coils can cause a domino effect that harms the condenser.

If you can't fix or troubleshoot what is causing the freezer on your fridge to not keep your food cold, you are going to want to call a refrigerator repair tech right away so they can fix the issue and save the food you have in the freezer.