Points To Check When You Assess Knife Sharpening Services

Each time you use one of your kitchen knives, you're making it a tiny bit duller. While the knife won't be noticeably duller after just a few uses, consistent use of the knife over time will bring it to a point that it requires sharpening. While some people attempt to sharpen their knives at home, finding a local sharpening service will always result in a better-finished product. If you notice that some of your kitchen knives are becoming dull, it's ideal to find a local sharpening service right away instead of ignoring the issue. Here are some things that you should assess when evaluating local knife sharpening services. 

Turnaround Time

While some people have a large selection of kitchen knives and can turn to backup knives while their primary knives are being sharpened, not everyone has this luxury. You might own one chef knife and two paring knives, for example, and have recently noticed that all of them are dull. One thing to learn before you choose your knife sharpening service is how quickly the service will complete the task for you. Many knife sharpening services offer a turnaround time of just one day, which is ideal because you won't be without your knives for very long. You might simply plan to have meals that don't require any chopping between the time that you drop your knives off and pick them up.

Multi-Knife Discount

You'll always want to confirm how much a knife sharpening service charges per knife. Beyond this basic information, it's advantageous to know if you might be eligible for a discount upon bringing a certain number of knives to the shop. For example, a service might charge a set price for the first five knives, but sharpen the sixth for free. A deal of this nature may prompt you to partner with a family member or neighbor to get several knives sharpened and split the cost.

Types Of Knives

There are some knife sharpening services that only handle knives that have a smooth edge, while other services can sharpen knives that have a serrated edge. Take stock of the knives that you own that require sharpening, and then choose your service accordingly. For example, if you have a dull bread knife or a set of serrated steak knives that you feel could benefit from sharpening, it will make sense to choose a service that can handle these products.

Contact a local knife sharpening service to learn more.