Your Guide To Residential Dryer Maintenance And Repair Issues

You may find this guide on residential dryers helpful. It will go over things like regular dryer maintenance and signs of repair problems. It also goes over things like the importance of having the dryer repairs done promptly and what can happen if you ignore repair issues. Once you read all this, you will be in a better place when it comes to having a dryer that runs efficiently and lasts you as long as possible. 

Regular dryer maintenance and why it's important

Your dryer doesn't require much in the way of maintenance, but it is important for you to do the things that should be done regularly. 

Clean the lint screen

You should clean the lint filter after each load you dry. If you don't clean the lint filter often enough, the dryer will take longer to dry clothes and your power bill will go up. Most importantly, not cleaning the lint screen regularly can cause the dryer to catch fire. 

Clean the exhaust hose 

There is also an exhaust hose in the back of the dryer that will end up with a build-up of lint and other debris from your dryer. Not cleaning it when it needs it can cause the same issues listed above, including increasing the chance of a fire. The exhaust hose should be cleaned at least once a year or so.

Some signs there is a problem with the dryer

Something you should realize about your dryer is that any time something different or new is happening, it probably means that something needs to be repaired. 

The dryer may take longer to dry your clothing, or it might stop producing heat. These things mean you should have someone come out to look at it and make any repairs. 

Your dryer can also end up making noises you've never heard coming from it before. These noises can be caused by many things, such as old or worn parts getting ready to break completely, pieces rubbing together that shouldn't, or a piece that's broken off and moving around. Also, electrical problems can sometimes cause a buzzing sound. 

The dryer might have an odor coming from it. Any odor from the dryer should be taken seriously. A smell of something melting or burning can indicate you are moments from the dryer starting a fire if you continue using it. Also, a musty smell can indicate there is mold, and this should also be looked into right away.

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