Avoiding And Handling Common Issues With Your Kitchen's Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal unit that you have in your kitchen sink can be an invaluable tool for enabling you to minimize the risk of food or other waste getting into the drains and causing clogs. While these appliances are often able to go for many years without needing repairs or major work done to them, there are some problems that you may eventually encounter that will require garbage repair.

Motor Failures

To work, the garbage disposal will need to spin a series of blades at a very high rate to break up and pulverize items that have entered the drain. This will require a powerful motor to quickly accelerate these blades. When one of these motors starts to fail, the garbage disposal may not be able to turn at a fast enough rate to be effective. Luckily, the motor of your garbage disposal can be replaced without needing to remove the entire unit. This can restore the performance of your garbage disposal while being immensely affordable and quick, but it should be completed by a professional due to the need for the motor to be properly calibrated to the garbage disposal unit that you have.

Broken Or Loose Blades

The blades of the garbage disposal unit are an integral part of the system. Due to their role, it can be possible for these blades to suffer severe wear over the years, and they may even break as a result of this wear or from striking an object that is too hard. It can also be possible for these blades to start to loosen, which could greatly increase their risk of suffering a catastrophic failure. If you hear a knocking or banging sound coming from the garbage disposal when it is in use, a professional garbage disposal repair contractor should be retained to evaluate the condition of these blades and to complete any replacements that may be needed. Safely reaching these blades can require disassembling much of the disposal unit, and a professional with experience and training will be needed to complete this complicated work.


Clogs are one of the most common issues that a garbage disposal will experience. While these blades can be extremely effective at breaking apart solid matter, they can be less capable of dealing with grease. Eventually, it is possible for the grease that has entered the drains to develop into a clump that is able to block the flow of water through the drain. A common warning sign of this problem can be the water in the sink failing to drain more rapidly after running the disposal unit. Thoroughly rinsing the sink with hot water at regular intervals can limit the accumulation of grease in the drains.