Repairing The Broken Shelves In Your Refrigerator: How To Get The Job Done

The shelves in your are going to take a beating throughout the years, removing the ketchup, slamming the ketchup back onto the shelf, removing the milk jug, and slamming it back onto the shelf. These shelves will see a lot of food come and go, and you most likely won't give a second thought to how you are putting this food onto that shelf. That is until you put something on that shelf and it doesn't hold any longer, and your shelf breaks. You may find that you have this issue over and over again until you have to finally replace your shelves in your refrigerator. Read on for instructions on how to replace the shelves in your refrigerator.

Tools For The Job:

  • Screwdrivers (flat and Phillips)
  • New shelves (door or interior)


  1. First, you're going to need to find the right type of shelves. The interior shelves may be easier to locate, but the door shelves are going to prove to be more difficult. These parts may be old, as your refrigerator may not be all that new, so these parts may be more difficult to find. Once you do find them, you may want to consider ordering an extra part just in case you break another one along the way.
  2. Once you have your parts, remove them from the packaging to be sure they match up with what you have in your appliance already. After you have determined that they are the right ones, you can begin removing the old, broken shelves from your appliance.
  3. Interior shelves are easy to remove, they usually just pull out. The door shelves, however, need to be unscrewed from the door. The shelf itself snaps into the bracket in the door, or sometimes they are one entire piece. Remove them using your screwdrivers and discard all broken parts. If your shelf has brackets and only one is broken, you may want to hold onto the unbroken bracket to keep as a spare.
  4. Install the new shelves in your refrigerator using all of the new parts that came with the new shelves. The old brackets, just keep them on hand in the event you need them. 
  5. Start putting your items back onto the shelves to be sure they are holding up OK. 

These shelves aren't meant to hold all that much weight, so don't stack too much in the door shelves especially, and take care when putting items onto the shelves. If you have a repair that you aren't able to fix on your own, hire an appliance repair service for help.