Stove Ventilation And Circulation: Why It Is Important To Your Cooking And Baking Activities

Kitchen appliances all have their little quirks and accessories. Part of the fun of owning appliances is discovering all sorts of interesting things about them. For example, most people probably do not know why ovens have overhead circulation fans or why it is a good idea for most stoves to connect to ventilation of some kind. For your own personal use, here is that information now.

What Circulation Fans Do

Circulation fans, those fans that most people install over the tops of their ranges and stoves, are meant to circulate hot air away from the pots and pans. If you have ever noticed that blowing on a pan of pasta that is about to overflow suddenly causes the water to drop and the foam and steam to dissipate, then you already know why a circulation fan is an excellent idea. When you keep the foods you cook at a very high temperature from boiling over or overheating, then you keep them off the range, in the pot, and cooked to the correct temperature. If the fan over your stove ever stops working for any reason, definitely call an appliance service to get it fixed or you will end up with lots of burnt food and food boiled over and stuck to the burners and cooking surfaces.

What Stove Ventilation Does

Stove ventilation is necessary, no matter if you are cooking with an old wood stove, an iron-cast stove, or a modern glass-top stove. The heat needs to go somewhere, as does the burned bits of food and carbon monoxide (if you have a gas or propane stove). Most stoves can successfully emit the heat into the home, but if you have a gas or propane stove, you will need to connect some sort of ventilation shaft when your stove is initially installed. If your stove happens to be really close to an old chimney that is no longer in use, your appliance service and delivery people can install a ventilation pipe from your stove into and through the wall and chimney. This reduces the carbon monoxide emissions that are so common to propane and natural gas stoves.

How It Helps Your Cooking and Baking

These circulation and ventilation add-ons for your stove help keep the stove at a constant temperature. You will never need to make adjustments to the temperatures in your recipes because the stove will not overheat and subsequently overcook or over-bake. It also helps maintain proper food temperatures, and the flavors of everything you cook and bake will be true to the food and not have strange aftertastes from burnt bits of food or natural gas/propane.

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