FAQ About A Gas Stove Burner With An Ignition Problem

Are you trying to figure out why one of the burners on your gas stove doesn't work? One of the most common reasons for a burner to stop working is having a problematic igniter in place. You will either need to get the igniter repaired or purchase a new one. Here are the answers to a few questions that you might have in regards to a malfunctioning burner.

Why Is an Igniter Important to a Gas Stove?

The igniter to your gas stove is a vital part of each burner. The igniter is used for flaring up a flame when the burner is turned on. Basically, gas flows to the burner and then a fire is ignited. You are only experiencing problems from one burner because it is likely to be the only one that has a problematic igniter.

What Can Cause an Igniter to Malfunction?

It is possible that the only problem with the igniter is that it is not in the correct position. For instance, an igniter has wires on it that must be properly aligned with a mounting bracket in the stove in order to function. You might be able to repair the problem by simply pushing the igniter back into the bracket. The igniter may also cause problems from normal wear and tear, such as from bending or getting rusty. You can replace an igniter that is damaged beyond repair.

What Other Problems Might a Burner Experience?

The knobs or buttons used for turning burners on can cause problems if they are not in good shape. For instance, if your stove has old knobs, you might need to get them replaced so they can fully function. The wiring inside of a gas stove that has buttons might need a repair when there are ignition problems.

Should a Professional Be Hired to Repair a Gas Stove?

It is possible to repair a gas stove on your own if you have the right kind of skills. However, it is in your best interest to leave the task to a professional. A professional can thoroughly inspect each part and determine if a repair should be made, or if you need a new stove. If you only need new parts, he or she can visit an appliance store and purchase what is needed on your behalf. Find out why your burner has stopped igniting so the necessary parts can be replaced as soon as possible.