Breaking Down Three Common Misconceptions About Your Dishwasher

Appliance repair technicians hear misconceptions about various home appliances all the time. Here are three about your dishwasher set straight for you.

#1 Water In The Bottom Of The Dishwasher

When your dishwasher finishes cleaning your dishes, you may see a little bit of water sitting in the bottom of your dishwasher. Many people wrongly believe that any water sitting at the bottom of their dishwasher means that it is broken. That is not true. Most dishwashers leave behind a small amount of water intentionally. This is done so that the seals in the dishwasher stay moist and do not dry out. When the seals on the bottom of your dishwasher dry out, leaking can occur.

When you start your dishwasher for a fresh run, the water that was left behind before is drained out before fresh water is added and the washing cycle begins. A little water on the bottom of your dishwasher is actually a sign that it's working as it should.

#2 The Function Of Your Dishwasher Pump

The pump in your dishwasher has a very simple job. It is only responsible for draining the water out of your dishwasher when the load is done, and it helps a little bit with the washing function. What the pump in your dishwasher does not do is fill your dishwasher up with water. A water fill valve is actually responsible for filling up your dishwasher with the water it needs to do its job. If your dishwasher is not filling up with water, it is because of an issue with the water fill valve, not with the pump.

#3 How Your Dishwasher Fills With Water

Finally, many people have misconceptions about how their dishwasher fills with water. Older dishwashers have a float inside of a tub that will turn off the water when it reaches the proper level. However, most modern dishwashers use a timing method. A certain amount of water is pumped into your dishwasher based on the settings you choose, and that activates a timer inside of your washer. In modern dishwashers, the float inside of the tub is only a fail-safe backup that stops your dishwasher in the event of a flood and is not used in the everyday operation of your dishwasher.

If you ever have any issues with your dishwasher, make sure that you call up an appliance repair technician to address the issues. An appliance repair technician like those at Prompt Appliance Services, Inc. will understand the intricacies of your dishwasher and will know how to address any problems.